Safety is an important part of keeping all swimming sessions positive and enjoyable. There’s an inherent risk that goes with spending time in or around large bodies of water, so it’s important to take deliberate measures to counter that risk. If you’re interested in learning more about why flotation devices are such an integral part of swimming safety, then take a look at these key reasons why you should never forget the floaties!

Water Wings Teach Young Children the Basics of Swimming

When you think of pool floaties, children probably come to mind before any other age group. After all, inflatable armbands or “water wings” are a helpful tool that can help young children get used to the water without feeling too scared or helpless. In addition to helping small children ease into swimming with a greater sense of security, water wings can also help them target certain body parts while learning to swim. Much like a kickboard, children can use their water wings to stay afloat while focusing on learning how to kick their legs in the water. Water wings also provide a bit of a safety net for children who are still learning to swim, especially when they’re in a hectic setting with lots of other children. Even if nearby kids are being rough or splashing too much, water wings will help your little one stay afloat so that they can paddle their way out of the commotion.

Rafts and Tubes Provide Relief for Tired Adults

Children aren’t the only ones who can make use of pool floaties! Inflatable rafts, tubes, and even pool noodles can also provide adults with some extra support when needed. After all, adults get tired too. For adults who are tired of swimming but still want to stay in the water, inflatable tubes or rafts can provide them with some relief and allow them to safely enjoy the water without running the risk of fatigue. Even if you don’t think you’ll need them, it’s better to have them on hand in case someone overestimates their own limitations. Flotation devices are especially handy for elderly individuals who get tired easily or want some extra support and stability while they’re in the water.

Life Vests Guard Against the Unexpected

Perhaps one of the most important types of flotation devices to keep around is the trusty life vest. It’s especially important to have life vests on hand while boating. In fact, it’s usually a legal requirement for boats to have at least one life vest per person on board. It’s easier than you might think for someone to fall overboard, especially when they aren’t used to the boat’s rocking motion. When a person falls into very cold water unexpectedly, they can quickly lose control of their hands, arms, and legs. This means that drowning is a real possibility, even for experienced swimmers. Life vests are a must for boating, and everyone on board should wear one in preparation for any mishaps. This becomes even more important during activities like boat tubing or water skiing.

While using floaties is a great way to help young children learn to swim and feel secure in the water, they’re also terrific to have on hand for tired adults who want to relax in the water as well! Additionally, life vests are a must-have flotation device for any boating trip. Make sure that you have all the tools you need to be safe in the water so you can make the most of your fun day in the water.