One of the most-coveted luxury items a homeowner can own is a hot tub. It provides a great place to just soak and relax. However, it does pose a risk at times for young children. An unfortunate consequence of owning a hot tub is the potential for drowning. To ensure your children stay safe and still enjoy the hot tub, you should consider these essential safety tips.

upstate splash hot tub safety

Keep it Covered

Make sure your hot tub comes with a strong, durable cover — it should be able to stay closed on an extra windy day. In general, the best hot tub covers are the ones made by the hot tub’s manufacturer (source). This is because they will be precision-made to fit tightly over the tub. If the cover doesn’t sit over the tub precisely, children can still access it and either fall in or be unable to find the surface beneath the cover. This may also be true of curious pets.

Limit Soak Time

Overheating can be easy to do in a hot tub. This is especially true for young children who don’t realize that they’re overheating because they’re having a good time in the tub. You should always keep a timer or have a scheduled amount of time that is appropriate to be in the tub (source). This amount can differ based on their age, weight, the state of their health, and the temperature of the hot tub. Staying longer than this offers the same risk as being exposed to a high fever for a long time, including heart attack and brain damage. Additionally, the longer they’re in the tub, the greater the chances they might be coaxed into a state of relaxation and fall asleep. It’s possible for someone to drown in both a bathtub and a hot tub due to falling asleep.



Young children should always be supervised when using the hot tub (source). At the very least, if you are unable to supervise the children yourself, you should have an older child be in charge of supervising the younger child. They should be equipped with the information they need in case something happens. Prevention of tragedy is possible with good planning and good decisions.

Everyone should be able to enjoy a hot tub without fear of drowning or other problems arising from extended use. These three tips can ensure everyone is safe when using the hot tub and instead focus on having a good time.