A backyard swimming pool is an ideal place to cool off as a family during the heat of summer. Nonetheless, pool ownership is a serious responsibility. This cooling-off zone can quickly turn into a dangerous place if safety precautions are not taken to secure it. Here are some safety precautions you can take to keep your pool fun and safe.

Keep Walkways Clear

The pool deck is a source of different risk points. A damaged pool deck should be treated with priority because of the hazards posed by the cracks and the wood or concrete that may lead to trips and falls. When dining near the pool, you can use plastic plates to prevent broken ceramic or glass pieces from hurting the children. Keep toys and floats off of the pool deck. Beach balls are the most dangerous when left in the perimeter of the pool. You can create a floating toy box for storage of toys and balls. Floats can be stored in a cargo net. Other accessories and plastic items can be stored in an inexpensive hanging basket along the pool fence.

Pool Fence

Surrounding the pool with a fence is a sure way of protecting it and keeping pets and children safe. A fence prevents children and pets from wandering into the pool unsupervised. You can choose a fence that does not detract from the pool’s appearance. If you do not want a permanent fence, you can always have a temporary one that can be retracted and removed when using the pool. Once installed, always ensure the fence gates around the pool are always fastened.

Secure Heavy Objects

The pool’s heater, chemicals, filter and heavy equipment should always be secured behind a sturdy fence. All the outlets, vacuum cleaner hoses and electrical equipment should also be protected from children. The locks to these secure areas should always be fastened to prevent mischief. Securing heavy objects using furniture anchors will ensure that they don’t fall or get pulled over and hurt someone.

Safety Covers

Pool covers are meant to keep children off as it is the surest barrier when designed correctly. Make sure that the pool cover can support an adult’s weight. The pool cover should also be fastened in place to keep children out completely. Care should be taken that the cover is completely removed and stored away when people are swimming to prevent someone from being trapped under it.

The expectation is that if you have a pool, you will take all the safety precautions to keep people safe. Never leave children unattended around the pool. At the same time, you can make rules to protect children and adults in the area where equipment is stored around the pool.

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