Taking swimming lessons is a normal part of childhood, but as a parent, you may not know exactly when you should enroll your child in lessons. The perfect time can vary from family to family, but there are a few rules of thumb you should keep in mind as you decide when to enroll your child in swim lessons. Choosing the right time will help you to ensure that your child is safe and having a good time in their swim classes.

Before Age 1

Some people want to start getting their children ready to be in the water with swim lessons when they are as young as 6 months or even earlier in some cases. The American Academy of Pediatrics, or AAP, doesn’t officially recommend swimming lessons for kids under the age of 1 because there isn’t evidence to suggest that it reduces the risk of drowning. However, classes before the age of one can help in a few different ways. It might surprise you to know that even babies can take swim lessons, though these are mostly designed to introduce them to the water.

Ages 1-4

If your kids are used to the water and ready to go to the pool, between the ages of one and four is a great time to get them started with swimming lessons. Being pool ready means your child is interested in the water and able to listen to at least some directions and instructions. As your child goes to lessons, they will become more confident in the water and gain skills that can keep them safe in the pool.

Ages 5 and Up

When your child is 5, it is a really good idea to get them in swimming lessons if they haven’t started them already. This will help them to gain social skills and to feel more comfortable in the water. As your child attends swimming lessons they can learn essential skills that can be more difficult as they get older. Five year olds can also benefit from the social aspects of swim lessons and make friends at the pool.

Getting your child in swim lessons at the right time can be a great tool that will help them to gain confidence. It will also give them more exposure to water and how to stay safe which can give you peace of mind. No matter when you start your child in swim lessons you want to make sure they are safe and happy in the pool.

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